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Clear skies, and Colorful Gals!

As the Summer is coming to a close, I start to reflect on the days that have gone by. Watching the sunset at the beach with my family. Taking my french bull dog, Henry on extra long walks, and soaking in the ease of the warmer days. But I must admit, I adore the Fall. It's my favorite season. The crispness in the air, the smell of fire places, and all those warming fall spices. I also love to wear layers... The tweed blazer, the long pleated skirt, my vintage Ferragamo boots, and lastly.. putting on my favorite wool beret. Some may say that there are colors for each season, I personally think that all colors work for any season. I love the way rich gem tones look with a splash of pastels. There really is no rules... it's about what you love, what speaks to your heart. I love nothing more than to add a colorful accessory to a plain black dress, such as a bright colored feather purse, and matching heels.. My winter coat always needs to be  uplifted with color.. I love to add a colorful scarf, and add a shimmery brooch upon it. There really is no rules..Just find the colors that speak to you, and add a splash to your your Fall, and Winter wardrobe. I just happen to be a very colorful lady! xoxox Cheers.