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Crystals, and Cat masks....

The day has finally come that I can honestly say, I'm truly living the dream! It's not always sunny, or peachy, but it's all mine! Lady Holiday is like a blank canvas for me, to create a masterpiece. With each passing day I'm carving my way through my new path... this new path has opened both my heart, and mind. Teaching me about what it takes to run a small business.  Searching for the fine balance of art, and business. My strength is more on the creative end of things.... I'm hoping with each passing day I learn to have a bit more of a business mind. I wake up everyday so blessed that I get to do what I truly love. I must extend a big thank you to my extraordinary husband for his belief in me. He is my greatest critic, and his love for what I do never waivers... I also am so grateful that he truly appreciates me. He sees me.. All of me, cat mask and all... xoxo