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Fall days, and Hampton ladies....

My absolutely favorite time of year is the Fall. I love the way the sky looks, the smell in the air, and the fact that I can start to wear layers. This is so exciting to me. It's the little things that make my heart happy.... but what does make me so giggly is the markets I've been selling at this summer. The Hampton Flea this past week was so splendid. The lovely ladies I met, the wonderful pieces the clients adored. What made me so happy was the response I am getting for my little brand. Ladies are loving the mix of colorful vintage pieces, the bounty of pearls, and a lovely mix of chunky gold pieces. The most popular pieces for the weekend were colorful pieces. The ladies form the Hamptons were smitten with the 1960's feminine colorful delights. I'm so happy that my little company has made so many gals tickled with joy....Chin Chin..xoxox