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For the classy, and the fancy!

Growing up in an Italian catholic family, Sundays was a very important day. Put on your finest finery, and head out to church. We would sit together as a family, listening to the priest preach, and I couldn't help but look at all the ladies. How their hair was done, what color lipstick, and most off...what jewelry they were wearing. The styles ranged from large pearls, chunky gold necklaces, and an array of cocktail rings. Keep in mind this was the 1980's, and a east coast preppy boating town. Some woman would come in their Bass penny loafers, or some in the most glamorous patent leather heels. But what stands out most for me about that time, is how woman loved to dress up. I do feel that fashion has changed very much, being casual is the leading force now in fashion. I still am in the school of thought, that dressing up makes you feel better. I can only speak for myself here... but I adore the feeling of dressing up, putting on that beautiful dress, layering your pearls, and grabbing your favorite lipstick. I created Lady Holiday for woman like me... that love the fancy, but we do keep it classy! xoxox