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Party Gals, and Valentino!

Oh to dance the night away... Those were the days. Life is so busy, that when we have a party to look forward to, our excitement is on another level. I love a good party, but my favorite part of an event, is dressing up! I love to pull out dresses, and playing dress up, gown after gown, ballroom skirts, maxi dresses, and a pair of cigarette pants.... then comes the accessories, evening bags, heels, and the endless bounty of Lady Holiday jewels! I have to admit, I normally keep my attire, simple, and classic, it's my accessories that tell the story. Who is this lady? She enters a room in a long pleated black silk skirt,  off the shoulder fitted ivory vintage top, and it's her jewels that create the stir! The long patent leather clutch bag, the armful of charm bracelets, large pearl cocktail ring, and layers of gold chains... she's letting out her true self. Her self expression is speaking volumes through the way she styles herself. A walking canvas one might say....At the end of the night, she slips on her black negligee, and puts up water for a pot of herbal tea, grabs some of her favorite fashion books... Valentino at the top, and nuzzles in for the best nigh cap!