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Puddles, and Puppies!

 What is really important in life? For me, it's surrounding one self with people you love, who truly see you, and appreciates you. Finding laughter, or really making yourself laugh, not sweating the small stuff, and trying to find a different way to look at life....Like dance in the rain, jump in puddles, and try not to take life so seriously, why not just embrace each day with an open heart... I try to pay it forward to someone each day, either with buying someone a meal, or holding the door for someone. Saying Good Morning to each person you see..The message here is, treat people as you wish to be treated. I think so many of us have lost focus on what's really important in life....Today try to find something that makes your heart full, and that brings a smile to your face. I do hope that my little spot in this world makes you happy, and that my photos, and words bring a bit of joy to your heart! Cheers.... xoxoxo

P.S Aren't puppies the stairway to happiness!!