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Strawberry Sundaes, and Preppy basket bags!

There is nothing better on a hot summer night than ice cream. Loads of fresh whipped cream, a dusting of rainbow sprinkles, and the cherry on top, that slowly is leaning over, as the cream is melting away.. As you stroll around your favorite town, on a hot summer night, holding tightly to the large bowl of ice cream, you can't help but want to freeze time.. for just that moment. As you take bite, after bite of the most delicious, and refreshing ice cream sundae you have ever had. Noticing that you can start to see the bottom of the bowl. Oh no, it's almost gone! How can something so simple as ice cream, bring you such delight. You finally finish the last bite, and you make your way to the trash bin that's overflowing with ice cream dishes, and a lady passing by says, "Cute Purse"!