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The Cheeky Gal... and her sweet tooth!

What shall I say.. I love sweets! Life is too short to run away from things that make us happy. I can't pass up a yummy dessert, or a bountiful bowl of sweets, adore chocolate, and never turn down an ice cream sundae...I think what we are all striving for, is some sort of balance in our lives. Not to consume so much of something, like chocolate, haha.. or take a break from staring at our phones, and engage in something that truly nurtures us. Like go to your favorite book shop in your town, and stroll through the aisles, getting inspired, finding a book that might teach you something new, or strike up a conversation with a total stranger. I know our world is so different now, that these simple adventures seem boring... or not stimulating enough for our complex brains. Why not hit your local candy shop, grab a bag of your favorite sweets, and close your eyes as you indulge yourself for that one moment, and see what memories get stirred, by this simple pleasure. Life is meant to be enjoyed, celebrated, and fully felt...So that when the hard moments come, you can look back at the day you spent strolling the book shop, or eating your favorite sweets, and not having a care in the world, for just that moment.