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Things that add a bit of a pep to your step!

For as long as I can remember I've had a handbag obsession.. I think my all time favorite style is the classic Kelly bag, and the bamboo handle Gucci bag, I know Susan Gail, and Meyers, made a similar style to the Gucci classic. I also can't say no to a patent leather clutch bag.... I've been on the search for vintage faux fur clutch bags that also can be a muff.. Oh yes... a must for any lady.  The summer basket bag is also topping the list for me. But for Lady Holiday, I am always on the search for the classic evening bag with a bit of a twist. I just added some lovely feather evening bags to our collection... who doesn't like a feather bag?... Such a statement!! My goal with Lady Holiday is to create a brand that will make your heart happy, and bring you joy.. I do hope that my collections with help add a bit of glamour to your life.... and add a bit of pep to your step! Cheers xoxox